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The Lawn Games

Check out our lawn games below! We have various games for adults and children alike! All games either come flat packed or come in carry bags which can be taken away in a standard sized car.

 If there’s something not on here that you would like, please do get in touch!

If you choose collection for the games we will throw in for free the hire of Giant UNO!

Giant Jenga

A great addition to any wedding or event. This giant topple tower comes with 57 giant wooden blocks and hamper to put the blocks on. The aim of the game is to take in turns taking one block out at a time and adding it gently to the top. Be careful though one slight movement and the whole tower collapses!

Connect 4 Hire Cornwall

Connect 4

This one is great for children and adults alike! This game comes with 42 counters (red and yellow) The first one to get 4 in a row wins! If you like to play again, simply remove the bar at the bottom to release the counters! Comes with a display wooden box to put the counters in.

Croquet Lawn Game Cornwall


A classic for all types of events! Recommended for adults only (children must be supervised) Comes with 4 mallets, a stake, 6 hoops and 4 coloured balls.


One of the most popular games to hire out for wedding or events is boules! This items comes with 8 metal balls, jack, measure and the bag which it comes in. We have also made a custom wood display box for the balls presentation.

Skittles Cornwall Hire


Another wedding & event favourite! The aim of the game is to knock all 9 skittles down with the 3 black balls provided! This item comes with 9 skittles, 3 black balls and a bag to them in.


The aim of the game is simple. Use the 5 rope rings (from distance) to get them over the poles. Each pole has different points and the one with the most points after 5 throws wins! Comes flat packed in a bag and very easy to assemble.


How low can you go! The aim of Limbo is to walk under the pole without knocking it down! If you knock the pole down you lose! The pole can be lowered or raised to alter the difficulty! This game comes flatpacked.


The purpose of the game is to knock over the King. This can be attempted only when you have knocked down all of your opponent's 'Guard Kubbs' using the throwing Batons. However knock out the King first and you lose! Comes flat packed in a storage bag.

Tin Can Alley

TSimple in principle but challenging! Use the three hard bags to knock out all 10 tin cans! Whoever hits the most in three turns wins! Comes with three hard bags, 10 tin cans and a display stand for the tin cans.

Giant Dominos

Giant Dominoes

Popular for the children! Share out the dominoes and take it turns to match the dominoes with the number on the domino. The first person to use up all their dominoes wins, or if the other person can't play their domino.

Naughts And Crosses Cornwall Hire

Noughts & Crosses

Take it turns to place an X or an O in the rope grid provided. The first one to get three in a row wins! If you get a stale mate, reset and try again! Comes with two ropes and 10 hard bags.

Giant Snakes And Ladders Cornwall Hire

Snakes & Ladders

The game of snakes and ladders is to reach the end square first. It's not so simple though! If you land on a snake you will potentially go back a number of spaces! This game comes with a play mat as well as a blow up dice.

Giant UNO

Exclusive to package bookings only!

Hire out the 5 or 10 lawn games package and choose ‘Collection’ to receive the free hire of Giant UNO!