Option 1: Audio Guestbook
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Option 2: Rustic Style Cabinet


Option 3: Walk In Telephone Box


Capture your guests funniest (and drunk!) voice messages with an Audio Guestbook!

A brand new idea for 2023 introducing our new audio guestbook for you to capture your loved ones messages at your wedding or event. Your guests simply pick up the phone and after the tone they leave their personal message! A few ideas of messages guests could leave:

“Share your best story or memory of the couple”

“Tell the couple the best moment of your day”

“Marriage advice!”

“An embarrassing moment you remember!”



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How does it work?

1. Find a quiet place

Ensure the telephone is located in a quiet spot at your venue. Preferably somewhere that has lots of footfall.

2. Follow the instructions on the phone

Follow the simple instructions to record your greeting. Your guests will hear this when they pick up the phone​

3. Guest hang up the phone

After the guests hang up the phone the message is then stored, ready for the next guest!​

4. We process the recordings

We will process all the recordings and remove any unwanted noise or empty recordings.​

5. We will send you the files via WeTransfer

We will send you the files via WeTransfer. If you choose the memories package we will send you an engraved box/usb (and WeTransfer) of all recordings and photos.

6. Cherish forever

You can play back the audio file for years to come!

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Ivory Audio Guest Book Cornwall Hire



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