Carrooka is a brand new finger-flicking blend of Snooker or Pool and Carrom. Fabulously fun, it’s easy to play but much harder to master; providing the perfect challenge for fans of dexterity games.

How To Play

Build your skill and your score as you take aim and strike the counters into pockets then spin the board to line up your next shot. Calculate angles, get crafty by making it tricky for your challenger or just “hit and hope”! With simple rules, you’ll find it instant fun, but with time, you’ll develop your skills to become a Carrooka Master. Great value entertainment for families, but equally perfect for after dinner table-top competitions with grown-up friends…


68cm diameter board, with 60cm play surface on a spinning bearing which means all players stay seated, making Carrooka Pool 8 a really accessible game perfect for all abilities. Hand crafted in the UK by the inventor, using high quality bb/bb Birch plywood from Forestry Commission approved sources, with an eye-catching screen printed design on a blue background and waxed finish. Complete with 15 spots and stripes counters plus an acrylic Striker counter

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