Walk In Telephone Box

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Walk In Telephone Box With Audio Guestbook

Also part of the Ultimate Wedding Bundle!

Bundle price: £397

Walk In Telephone Box With Audio Guestbook & Photo Pod Combo

Bundle price: £597

Choice of Audio Guestbook

The Features!

Life Size Telephone Box

The life size telephone is 8FT and can fit at least two people inside who can leave the couple a personalised message on the audio guestbook. Guests can leave a lovely message about the couple or even place a pizza order (Yep we’ve heard all kinds of messages!)

Choice of audio guestbook

We have many colours to choose from when it comes to the audio guestbook. Our colours include white, ivory, pink or blue.

8FT Lifesize Telephone Box

Flower wall backdrop

The 8FT telephone box has been customised with a flower backdrop with white artificial roses to make it look the part! It also has a grass floor as well as a neon sign to create the ultimate effect.

RGB top light

The 8FT walk in telephone box also has a top light which can be controlled by the RGB remote. You can choose to have one colour or have it cycle through multiple colours and gradients by putting it on auto!

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