Giant Connect 4 Hire Cornwall

About Giant Connect 4 Lawn Game

Connect 4 is one of our most popular hires and great for childen and adults alike! 

The aim of giant connect 4 is to get four in a row each taking turns putting their coloured counters in. The first person to get four of the same colour either in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal wins! If you think the other player is going to get four in row you will have to block them. After a few turns it turns into a game of strategy and you will have to think of your next few moves in advance!

At Cornwall Hire we can provide connect 4 for your wedding or event. This lawn game can be provided as part of a package or can be hired out separately.

Connect 4 comes with:


42 large counters (21 red and 21 yellow)

Main game (main board, 2 side panels and pullout bar to reset the game.

Wooden box for the counters

Size is 75cm high and will fit in most standard sized cars. 

Connect 4 Hire Cornwall

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