Carrooka Pool Version Review

Cornwall Hire has now entered the realm of table top games! We had a look around at what was available and we were intrigued about a new game we haven’t seen before – meet our brand new game Carrooka! Made from the guys at

Imagine american pool but instead of pool balls, you use counters on a circular table top board to flick counters into the pockets.

Oh my, have we had fun with this game already! If we picked one word to describe this game it would be ‘addictive’! We’ve had our fair share of ‘Carrooka tournaments’ and Rachel my fiancee has beat me at this game more times than not! There’s definitely been a celebratory air punches when Rachel beat me!



It’s not very often we say this but the quality of this game is superb. We could tell how much love has gone into making these boards. The game is made from high quality wood and the painting/artwork is spot on. You can tell the counters are also produced to high quality and after playing Carrooka a fair few times the counters don’t show any sign of wear which is fab.


Delivery, packing and customer service

From the moment we sent the initial message we had spot on customer service with George from the Carrooka team. We had great communication from the intial enquiry to the time our Carrooka board was delivered and nothing was a problem at all. George also gave us some extra counters in case any go astray – now that is what I call customer service!

Ultimately we are so happy with our Carrooka board that we can’t wait to bring this game to the local community! Well done to the Carrooka team for bringing more tense competitive play into our lives!

Some photos of the board below!

Carrooka Table Top GameCarrooka Set Up Table

Carrooka Cornwall Hire





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