Entertaining your guests at your wedding isn’t so hard when you have some great lawn games to entertain with! Here are some popular options you can try.

Giant Jenga

This is a classic game for any party. You can play it with your guests or even the whole family! It’s easy to set up and you don’t need much space, so this will be perfect if you are having an outdoor wedding in Cornwall. The rules of Giant Jenga are simple: each person takes turns adding blocks until they have built as many towers as possible. When someone knocks down their tower, everyone else has to try and build one higher than theirs. If no one manages to knock over anyone else’s tower then that player wins.

Cornish Game Of Cornhole

This is another great lawn game that your guests will love playing on your big day. All you need to do is get some large plastic bowls and fill them with sand. Then place two wooden stakes into the ground at either end of the area where people want to play. Each team gets three throws per round. They must throw bean bags from between the two sticks towards the goal line. Once all players have thrown, whoever got closest to the target wins.

Bocce Ball

If you’re looking for something more active, Bocce ball is ideal. This is played by throwing small balls onto a court using only your feet. There are different sized courts available depending on how many people there are going to be playing. To start off, just stand about 10 metres away from the centre of the court and take aim. Throw the bocci straight forward and watch out for other players who may be trying to hit yours.

Frisbee Golf

Another fun way to keep fit during your summer wedding celebrations is Frisbee golf. Simply use a frisbee instead of a disc when you play. Make sure you choose a flat surface such as grass or concrete rather than uneven surfaces like gravel or mud. Also make sure you wear comfortable shoes because you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time walking around after hitting the ball.


You could also organise tennis matches for your guests. Just remember that you should always check with local council regulations before organising anything outdoors. 


A traditional British sport, croquet requires little equipment but lots of enthusiasm. Croquets are made from wood and metal hoops called wickets. Players alternate taking shots at the hoop while keeping the ball inside the circle marked on the ground. A good rule of thumb is to never let the ball touch the ground outside the circle.

Ring Toss

For those who prefer indoor games, ring tosses are popular among couples planning weddings in Cornwall. Ring tosses require very few pieces of equipment; simply put together a long piece of string and attach rings to both ends. Have a couple of friends hold the string tautly across the room and ask your guests to attempt to drop the rings through the loop without letting go of the string. Whoever drops first loses.

Tin Can Alley

Tin Can Alley is another popular wedding game. 10 cans are stacked up in a triangle formation and the objective of the game is to hit the most tin cans down with 3 sandbags. 

Giant Checkers

The ultimate lawn game for adults, giant checkers involves 2 teams competing against each other to see whose king moves further along the board. One member of each team stands behind the starting position and attempts to move his/her king closer to the opposing side’s castle. As soon as the opponent’s king reaches the edge of the board, he/she scores 1 point. Play continues until one team has scored 5 points.

Coconut Shy

In this classic Cornish game, coconut shy consists of several rows of coconuts placed upright in front of an audience. The object of the game is to knock over as many coconuts as possible within 30 seconds. If someone knocks over a coconut they win it. However, if anyone else knocks over their own coconut then they lose it. It can become pretty competitive so don’t expect everyone to enjoy themselves!

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