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Availability: Please contact us first to check availability before placing a booking request below: [email protected]

Please enter your details below to book your hire. We will get in touch with you to confirm the booking and finalise dates/times. 

Full Payment and the Security Deposit(Refundable): We will require full payment & fully refundable security deposit 10 days before the date of the hire. The security deposit will be refunded once the items are returned in original condition.

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Refundable Security / Damages Deposit: £50.00
Refundable Security / Damages Deposit: £50.00

Terms And Conditions:

Full Payment & Security Deposit: 

Please note we will require the full payment & security deposit at least 10 days before release of hire items. This security deposit is fully refundable providing the hire items come back in original condition.

Dates & Times Of Collection:

Dates and times are not final until we have confirmed this with you. If we can’t fulfil your date/time we will issue you a full refund. To avoid this please don’t submit the form unless you have messaged us beforehand to check availability.

How Long Do I Have The Hire Items For?

Please return the hire items within 48 hours unless pre-agreed otherwise. Late return items without prior arrangement or communication will incur a late return fee & the possible loss of deposit.


Any damages / breakages / missing items must be paid for. General wear and tear is fine. We will inform you of these costs and reserve the right to take this out of the damages/security deposit. If the costs exceed the deposit we reserve the right to invoice the costs exceeding the deposit. 

Cleaning Of The Hire Items

Please return the games how they were given to you originally & remove any excess mud or debris before returning the games. We will then give them a final wipe once returned.

Packing Up For Collection/Pickup:

Please ensure the games are packed up and all items accounted for if you have chosen delivery/pickup before we arrive. Each lawn game will have a contents list to let you know what was originally there. 


We (Cornwall Hire) will not be liable for damages or injuries caused by our items. The use of any hire items are the responsibility of the hiree. Some hire items are not suitable for children or toddlers so please use caution if children are present.

When Do I Receive The Security Deposit Back?

Providing that the items are back in their original condition we will return/refund the deposit within 3-5 days after the return of the hire items.


If you have chosen delivery we will usually let you know via text or email to let you know we are on our way. Delivery costs are £25 within 25 miles of TR36FH. If outside this area we can quote for additional miles. 

IP Logging/Cookies/Personal Details:

You agree for us to log down your IP address, cookies & personal details when you use any part of the website including the contact form. We will not share this information with anyone unless asked by authorities (police, data protection agency etc)

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